I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Falling Flower

Her beauty is obvious to all who gaze upon her

She likes her pretty things and has a collection of fur

She has a high rise apartment with city views afar

When you walk down the street with her she leaves mens jaws ajar

One day I noticed on her arm a trail of hand made cuts

She noticed that I’d noticed and made her ifs and buts

I wondered why this beauty, who could turn heads with a smile

Would feel so out of control, somehow see herself as vile

She told me next time I saw her that it was rape that began her pain

And that her Father left her, she had never been the same

She wears a smile for the world to see because she feels it’s best

She says people are nicer to her as she’s prettier than the rest

What would people think if they knew she had her flaws

She’s scared that showing vulnerability will somehow close down doors

I told this pretty flower what is inside makes it’s way out

And if she keeps hiding her pain so deep she’d break, I had no doubt

She assured me that she had control and only did as she chose

She couldn’t let the world see that inside she’s broken and morose

I tried to break the shell outside to pull out what was hidden

But after time and time again I learned it was forbidden

So imagine how sad it was to hear the most heartbreaking news

That apartment with the fancy furs and amazing city views

Had a balcony, up high above – oh what a choice to choose


Into the fold

When you fall so far down, each moment’s filled with pain

You swear the sadness will never end, you’ll never be the same

Just remember others out there, are feeling the same way

Try to take a deep breath and on your pillow lay

And hold onto the good things, few as they may seem

I know each moment hurts so much, it’s somewhere that I’ve been

Don’t try so hard to make it right

Just breath and hold onto your light

For as dark as it now shows

All the demons in the shadows

There is light for all of us

Love and beauty, health and trust

If you ever come close to the end, there’s always someone to be a friend

Just look around, there’s many others

Who’ve problems with their fathers mothers

Who’ve suffered abuse or harm untold

Let’s bring each other into the fold

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