I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Broken lover

If I had of known that would be the last time I’d ever see those eyes

I would have made an effort, I would have said goodbye

You kissed me on the lips, and said “I’ll see you soon”

I scoffed and said “we’ll see”, and with this sealed our doom

It felt like we were always fleeting moments here and there

We had good times in beds and bars but didn’t belong anywhere

This world had no place for the love of you and I

We kept telling ourselves we could make it work but knowing it was a lie

Your way of dealing with pain was to run and hide away

But by doing this you missed out on all the things I had to say

We never stopped for long enough to be comfortable with each other

You told me that you wanted to be more than just my lover

But when it came for actions, to back up all your words

I could not find you anywhere, sight unseen and words unheard

And so we danced our dance for as long as we could bear

And when I truly needed you, you weren’t there or anywhere

So I made the right decision, I chose to move away

You left me many messages with promise of another day

But while you remained frozen, stuck in the same place

I had found another love, a love of truth and grace

You tried and tried to bring me down

You tried and tried to pull me round

But finally I made the call and like a cancer cut you out

‘Cause all you brought was drama and that’s not what I’m about


A world of me and you

The sun pierces through the blinds, painting railtracks on your skin

I softly nuzzle against you, take a breath and hold you in

Your sweat smells sweet and your body amazing by light

If this were a battle I’d have lost the fight

But angst is not present here I’m at peace by your side

Thoughts of last night flash, of when you were inside

I’m taken back to moments of pure and utter bliss

You mutter in your sleep as though your dreams have gone amiss

I gently stroke your hair and whisper “baby it’s ok”

A smile crosses your lips as though you know what I have to say

I watch you quietly as a mouse your breathing in and out

A surge of love washes over me, the sudden urge to shout

Shout from rooftops or to God above ‘thank you for this man’

Instead I smile quietly and for the day I plan

For I know you’ll be beside me in whatever it is I do

For years it’s been and years to come, a world of me and you


The departure of romance

She watches him while he sleeps

My love is mine to keep

If he left I don’t know what I’d do

But it’s ok, my love is true

Months go by, she watches him less

I love my man, I try my best

There’s just the odd thing here ‘n there

But it’s ok it’s enough to bear

Months go by she doesn’t watch at all

But so deeply in love did both of them fall

He used to make her stomach jump

She’d see his face her heart would pump

Faster and faster just seeing him

But now those feelings are growing dim

He didn’t call me once today

I guess he just has nothing to say

She decides to just keep silent

No need for some big argument

Months go by now she can’t stand

The little details of this man

The noise he makes while he eats

Makes me want to tear and beat

I want to slap across his face

When did romance leave this place

They start to argue, constant fights

They’re happening now, every night

She’s had enough she screams and shouts

And of the house she throws her man out

Months go by, she starts to cry

She realizes she forgot to try

She was still in love, it just changed

Romance settled and she became enraged

She thought that less attention meant he didn’t really care

But love was still present just less time was there to spare

Now she’s filled with regret

Over lost love does she fret

She wishes she had let things go

Oh all the things she wishes she’d known

But these mistakes we all must make

True love is patience, give and take




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The Myth of Movie Love

The kind of affection you seek, the kind of love you’re chasing

Is that of fairy tales, it will have yourself debasing

The value of your own ideas and notions of true love

Are things you’ve based on movies, no man will ever be enough

I’ll tell you a little secret, best kept between you and I

Movies are made to make money, a business, I tell you no lies

They cater to a fantasy and create an impossible standard

Of this perfect man who loves you, wholly with deep abandon

They tell you to take a man, and fix him to your will

I find the whole idea absurd and quite the bitter pill

Each of us is imperfect, and grand in our design

But they tell you without a man you’ll be anything but fine

Be happy with yourself, find the peace that you may lack

And once you have that sorted out, find someone to have your back

Don’t hold your breath for Romeo or some hero to swoop you up

Once you find a man who’s kind you’ll realize that’s enough

If you expect a life of flowers, hearts and moons

If you expect every moment, your man to make you swoon

You’ll only be met with disappointment, empty you will be

A soul mate is just that, a friend for eternity

Someone who you count on, to pick you up when you are down

Someone who is caring and will prove he’ll stick around

These things are more romantic, than any movie gesture

Analyze your priorities or alone you may well fester

Love isn’t easy and it takes work but it’s worth it in the end

It takes two people willing to try and work and who will bend


Nose to nose

Your beautiful eyes, soft pale skin

I cannot wait to get you in

I move forward, your smile wry

We just stare for just a little while

Inspecting every curve and fold

Beneath is the key to bliss untold

You’re surprised by the soft of my hair

You stroke it as our bodies lay bare

Face to face and nose to nose

The currant that’s between us grows

Swiftly you’re up above me

Whispering in my ear that you love me

Suddenly, my head’s thrown back

Soft kisses down my neck you track

I’ve never felt this full and whole

I’m loving this, I’m getting bold

Our passion peaks our bodies writhe

I’ve lost all sense of space and time

After the apex our bodies relax

You trace your fingers down my back

Warm bodies hot lungs grappling for air

Even from behind me I feel your stare

You pull me tight, the sweet release

Has left us empty, now time for sleep

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