I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Undeserved affliction

I hear his car pull in the drive

I run to my room and try to hide

I don’t yet know of his demeanour

But yesterday he was certainly meaner

Than I’ve ever seen before

He knocked me down onto the floor

I remember it in flashes and stills

He’s been out drinking he’s had his thrills

I turn off the lights and lay silent

I hope he’s too tired to be violent

I hear him yell from the door

Please God I can’t take much more

Thud thud thud, his boots up the hall

I hear him fall against the wall

He swears as he corrects himself

It looks like the beast will show itself

I hear him crash against my door

I hold my breath and count till four

On five he falls into my room

And in the air I sense my doom

He stumbles over and grabs my hair

I scream for help but no one’s there

He smiles as he yanks me from my bed

Punched first in the stomach, then in the head

I try my best to fight him back

He laughs at me while my tears they track

Down my swollen cheek so red

He kneels down and hits me again in the head

I feel so weak against his might

What did I do to warrant this fight

Somehow time starts to speed up

Soon he will have had enough

He kicks me as he calls me shit

Tells me I’m not worth one bit

He wouldn’t drench me if I were on fire

He kicks my side and starts to tire

I lay on the floor, weeping and heaving

Soon enough he stumbles, he’s leaving

I’m bruised and battered, left for dead

Help was the only word I’d said

But somehow he made me believe

I deserved the things he did to me


One by one

I hear so many stories, from beautiful to gory

From happiness to sad, from truly good to bad

But usually not great, so much pain and so much hate

I look at the world and my heart it does sink

So many wars and hatred, always on the brink

It becomes too much, I have to disconnect

I feel so God damn helpless, like we cannot correct

The damage that happens every day

To so many people in so many ways

In God’s name so much death, I hold on take a breath

If God is real his message is love

So could he really be watching from above

While in his name, hate and alienation

Cause great divide from nation to nation

How could it be a sin, to simply just be gay?

I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, people are born this way

So if God truly made us, how could he then condemn love

That doesn’t fit the nuclear mold

So many questions are left untold

But if each person tries a little, to compromise

Meet in the middle

Hear each other and not be scared

Of differences we may not share

Then one by one things can be done

Mountains can be moved, one by one

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