I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Wrapped in bliss

All wrapped up just you and me

Tied in blissful ecstasy

I’ve never felt so full inside

You life me up, you’re quite the ride

Tangled limbs can’t tell apart

Where I end and where you start

Passion filled kisses everywhere

Bodies heaving, stark and bare

You move and thrust deep inside

I want more I’m open wide

Faster and greater, in our throws

Our bodies tighten, tension grows

My toes curl up in sweet abandon

Your head thrown back, shoulders broaden

Friction and sweat have come to amass

You look in my eyes, we both climax

Held still for moments, our bodies tight

I’ve lost my senses, it feels so right

You collapse on top of me, a mix of pleasure and agony

Such music does our bodies make

And souls entwined, time to take

We catch our breath and release, unwind

I’ve never been happier that you are mine


Under thumb

You are the cut on my lip I keep tonguing

You are the shadow from which I keep running

You are the bright that blinded my eyes

You are the paradox I had to deny

You reached down deep inside me, made your home beside me

You ran and then came back, but by then my heart was black

You pushed and pulled and tangled me

Your love was drenched with insanity

You played your game of hide and seek

You broke my spine you left me weak

In your dark I found my light

Rubbed my eyes and restored my sight

I found the strength to break away

But you still found a way to always stay

Just within my line of view to remind me how I wanted you

Every time that I moved on

You pushed back with your familiar song

Now it’s been years I cannot fight

You stole my darkness, stole my light

One day you’ll call and I wont be there

Until that day, please don’t you dare

Don’t pull me back into your game

I may still care but I’m not the same


Lesson Learned

Your body pale and bathed in light

I know it’s wrong but feels so right

We took pills and drank till dawn

And we believed true love was born

We heard the old man’s stories

Of past accomplishments and glory

You said you could tell from the start

I’d be the one to steal your heart

The barman took me behind the bar

And taught me to pour a pint of your tar

You later said you were so impressed

You could not wait to get me undressed

We closed the door behind us, passion burning bright

We tousled to the floor, you made every move just right

But when time came for life to start

Our own ways did we have to part

And soon I came to learn through one

You weren’t a man I could count upon

So moments were our only time

I was yours and you were mine

I learned my lesson well from you

On love and what one should not do


Into the fold

When you fall so far down, each moment’s filled with pain

You swear the sadness will never end, you’ll never be the same

Just remember others out there, are feeling the same way

Try to take a deep breath and on your pillow lay

And hold onto the good things, few as they may seem

I know each moment hurts so much, it’s somewhere that I’ve been

Don’t try so hard to make it right

Just breath and hold onto your light

For as dark as it now shows

All the demons in the shadows

There is light for all of us

Love and beauty, health and trust

If you ever come close to the end, there’s always someone to be a friend

Just look around, there’s many others

Who’ve problems with their fathers mothers

Who’ve suffered abuse or harm untold

Let’s bring each other into the fold

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Moments in time – a reading

This is a reading of my poem “Moments in time” – intended for adult ears.
For some reason it says “download file” in my browser, but if you click on the title “Moments in time a reading” It comes up as an audio bar you can play with no download.

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You were gone

I wish that you could see, that the blame is not on me

I wish that you could see, all the harm you caused to me

You were the one that was meant to be there

But when I called, you weren’t anywhere

You were the one to love me, when all others were gone

But you left me alone and broken

What could I have done so wrong?

You wanted me to be like you, but I was something else

So you moved on to another, and left me on a shelf

Too difficult to deal with, who cares for such a thing

I was just a child, I didn’t think to bring

Armor to my own home, protection from your care

‘Cause you were meant to keep me safe, but you weren’t anywhere

All those times he hurt me, I cried out for your help

But you didn’t come running and I couldn’t help myself

He was strong and angry, I was small and frail

The fact that you don’t love me stings as my greatest fail

And now I can’t forgive you but I can do better than you did

The life that grew inside me is the reason that I live

Your mistakes will not be my own

Your ways will not carry on within my home


Moments in time

From far away, ‘cross land and sea

You took great steps to be with me

In a dark room with big bright eyes

You made your way between my thighs

Wrapped around you, I came undone

There was no sleep there was no sun

We made the whole world disappear

So you and I could keep so near

We took the key and locked the door

I’d never wanted something more

Still morning came, and life beckoned

I held onto you, just one more second

One more moment, one more hour

You stole my heart and with it my power

I bit your lip, you broke my will

You navigate me with determined skill

You closed your eyes, I broke away

We made plans for another day

Inside that room you changed me

Back in the world it was plain to see

You’d become my drug, and I was oh so high

A voice kept nudging me, I had to say goodbye

We tried again, dark room big bright eyes

But this time we could not disguise

Some flames burn bright but not for long

And you and I did not belong

We were but blissful moments in time

You were never meant to be kept as mine

With hearts sullen we said goodbye

We were but a handful of moments in time