I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

25 songs in 25 days


Day 2 – a song that reminds me of my most recent ex. Ha. Yikes. It was a ridiculously long break up really, it was all kind of tragic. Such is what happens when you walk away before love dies.



Damien Rice – The Professor

You know when a song captures your mood on something or someone, a situation passed. I find this insightful and melodic, it helped me get over one of the worst depressions i experienced from a break up.


Broken lover

If I had of known that would be the last time I’d ever see those eyes

I would have made an effort, I would have said goodbye

You kissed me on the lips, and said “I’ll see you soon”

I scoffed and said “we’ll see”, and with this sealed our doom

It felt like we were always fleeting moments here and there

We had good times in beds and bars but didn’t belong anywhere

This world had no place for the love of you and I

We kept telling ourselves we could make it work but knowing it was a lie

Your way of dealing with pain was to run and hide away

But by doing this you missed out on all the things I had to say

We never stopped for long enough to be comfortable with each other

You told me that you wanted to be more than just my lover

But when it came for actions, to back up all your words

I could not find you anywhere, sight unseen and words unheard

And so we danced our dance for as long as we could bear

And when I truly needed you, you weren’t there or anywhere

So I made the right decision, I chose to move away

You left me many messages with promise of another day

But while you remained frozen, stuck in the same place

I had found another love, a love of truth and grace

You tried and tried to bring me down

You tried and tried to pull me round

But finally I made the call and like a cancer cut you out

‘Cause all you brought was drama and that’s not what I’m about


Under thumb

You are the cut on my lip I keep tonguing

You are the shadow from which I keep running

You are the bright that blinded my eyes

You are the paradox I had to deny

You reached down deep inside me, made your home beside me

You ran and then came back, but by then my heart was black

You pushed and pulled and tangled me

Your love was drenched with insanity

You played your game of hide and seek

You broke my spine you left me weak

In your dark I found my light

Rubbed my eyes and restored my sight

I found the strength to break away

But you still found a way to always stay

Just within my line of view to remind me how I wanted you

Every time that I moved on

You pushed back with your familiar song

Now it’s been years I cannot fight

You stole my darkness, stole my light

One day you’ll call and I wont be there

Until that day, please don’t you dare

Don’t pull me back into your game

I may still care but I’m not the same