I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Wow, blogging gone awry

I have always found wordpress to be such a helpful place, I have shared so many stories with so many people here and I have learned so much about myself and others. I have laughed and cried with some of you, I have read your stories and wept, I have read your stories and smiled, this place has been my lifeline at times and I’ve been so so thankful for it.

Today, I read someone’s blog that said she was worried about how many people she is helping and that it was stressing her out. I left a comment suggesting she not worry about how many people she is helping and instead focus on herself through her blog, and if she wants to help people professionally that she should get a BA or diploma. She understood what I had said and responded nicely but a bunch of people she has apparently helped have since attacked me and it’s the most bizarre thing ever. I’ve had misunderstandings with people before but they’ve always been cleared up because I have spent many hours of my life on here trying to be positive, and sharing my pain but by suggesting this woman either goes professional or focuses on herself instead has incited incredible vitriol from these people and they wont see what my actual point was, they refuse to acknowledge that perhaps it was worded badly, but the advice is sound.

I’m sorry but if you want to help people professionally, you NEED to learn about duty of care and all that goes along with that. And to learn about that you need to get a diploma, or a certificate or SOME kind of course! Why is it that me simply commenting on that has made people attack me? Have any of you thought about how you’d feel if you were simply trying to help someone by leaving what you considered a thoughtful comment and having a bunch of their ‘fans’ attacking you? Do any of you small minded people that missed my point have any idea how it feels when you’re just trying to communicate your opinion to someone and you get shit on? Told your opinion is wrong and that you should stop telling people how to live their lives!!! OMG! I wasn’t telling her how to live her life!!! What I said to her was clear, I’m sorry people are so offended that I’ve suggested a mental health professional should have some BASIC education on the subject, but it’s true! I have seen harmful advice being given in comments here so many many times, and the problem is that a lot of people think they are helping when they are potentially doing more damage than good, and there is no way for them to know this without a basic level of training on the subject so sure, I think a bunch of us are able to help each other and lean on each other through our blogs, you don’t need an education to be a successful blogger and reach people and help them, but if you want to be a mental health professional you simply have to learn a few things first.

So i’ve learned my lesson, I will no longer be going through other people’s blogs or leaving comments or generally bothering to try and help anyone else through this place because the way these people attacked me is not something i would wish on anyone else, and it’s not something i care to experience again. This place has gone from being my rock to somewhere that just makes my heart hurt!

Peace xo