I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Unwanted teacher

Some people simply go looking, searching for a fight

‘Cause they know that underneath there’s something that’s not right

So they make every effort, to feel above the rest

They make every effort to assert that they’re the best

They see a good way to build themselves up

As pulling others down and being abrupt

I’m sure they convince themselves, they’re educating the plebs

By sharing their google knowledge with all the social dregs

Don’t you see your problem here, does not lie with me?

You hide yourself behind the farce of knowledge and vanity’

You assume that I know less for you assume that you know more

But assumptions generally lead to a person others tend to abhor

So maybe take the time to actually listen and to hear

And don’t hide your flaws with bravado, it only shows your fear

Fear of being worthless, fear of being unlearned

Maybe people would listen to you if first they truly felt heard


Letters to a stranger

Dear Dad, I know I never met you, you’ve never been in my life

You barely knew my Mother not your girlfriend nor your wife

But I have so many questions, some things I’d like to know

I wonder what you look like what your job is where you go

From day to day the people you see and those who you surround

I wonder why you never came to see me, why you never came around

It makes me wonder if there’s always been a fault under my skin

But logically I know it’s not me I just don’t know where to begin

My Grandpa once told me that I have my Father’s eyes

And I’m pretty sure things Mum said about you were nothing more than lies

She’s scared of me finding you and I can’t help but wonder why

I wish you would have said hello so I could have at least said goodbye

It feels as though there’s pieces of me scattered all over the place

I wonder what I inherited from you and if I have your face

My hands are small, are they yours, did they come from you?

All these questions unanswered, I just don’t know what to do

Somehow I miss a person, I’ve never even met

My Mother says you’re evil, you took drugs and liked to bet

But my Mother let bad things happen, nothing did she do

Yet she tells me you’d be bad for me, the bad parent would be you

I just wish that I could see you once and maybe get some answers

I just want to talk to you I promise not to badger

But surely you can understand I feel I’m missing part of me

I’ll never know why you disappeared but waiting I will always be