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Hi!/Asking for your WEGO Help (even if you already voted!)

on December 14, 2014

She is seriously one of the coolest women blogging and has the biggest heart, this would help her know just how special she is so take a few moments and vote if you would, we need more incredibly kind people like her in our mental health community 😉

Please endorse a mom with bipolar disorder who wants to help other mothers with bipolar. Her goals include mental health advocacy and providing free support groups for women with bipolar. via Hi!/Asking for your WEGO Help (even if you already voted!).

17 responses to “Hi!/Asking for your WEGO Help (even if you already voted!)

  1. mckarlie says:

    I only have internet on hubby’s iPhone at the moment so I hope I reblogged this correctly!

  2. cavellemartin says:

    I also endorsed Dyane! 😀 Couldn’t be more deserving 🙂

  3. shoe1000 says:

    It did re-blog correctly

  4. dyane says:

    I cannot thank you enough for doing this, – it’s incredibly awesome and generous of you!!!!!! What you wrote about me in this reblog has made my head double in size! ;)))))) I’m glad it worked from your phone, ha ha!

    Thank you for making me very happy with such thoughtfulness and appreciation! I’m enjoying it much the way I would enjoy a hot fudge sundae – yay!

    When I was still had terrible, unrelenting bipolar depression, I formed a chapter of the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA). I had to raise money to do it ($125.00 – DBSA should pay for it but they don’t) and I had no $ to spare, so I approached a local, popular Halloween haunted house. They chose a charity every year to donate its proceeds to, and I qualified for it! I thought it was kind of funny that a haunted house helped create an organization about bipolar & depression support, but that was cool as I LOVE Halloween – it’s my favorite holiday. So with the credibility of the DBSA behind me and their online resources,I created a free support group for women with mood disorders.

    As you can imagine, it definitely was NOT the right time for me to do such a thing since I was a mess with my bipolar, but what fired me up was doing something besides sitting at home depressed, and I created something that I needed for myself first and foremost. The silver lining of that time was that I gained a lot of experience and I learned what to do and what not to do regarding support group leadership/promotion. I publicized the meeting like mad, and I contacted the editor of our local newspaper, the Press Banner. I interviewed with Peter in person (again, while I was seriously depressed with horrid social anxiety – I still don’t know how I did it!) & Peter wrote a feature article complete with a color photo of me and my girls, so I came out to my community. Every residence receives this newspaper in their mailbox each week and almost everyone reads it.

    Check out the below link – the dang newspaper Press Banner that published the article changed ownership and they closed its archives, but I found a snippet at BP (Bipolar) Magazine on Facebook… I’m heavier there than I am now with my chipmunk cheeks. I wasn’t exercising like I wish I had. I love my girls in that shot, though. I also love the title Peter chose for the article: “A New Day Dawning”

    Unfortunately after a few meetings, I relapsed and another woman took it over who I misjudged as far as her suitability for that role. She wasn’t “in recovery” to say the least, and her marriage was in shreds, plus she she was a control freak. The group/chapter eventually folded.

    A year later I formed yet another support group (!) when I went off meds, with a “natural, holistic” theme. Again, despite trying desperately to make that approach work for me, I relapsed! I had to be hospitalized for 3 weeks 😦 ugh Then I found a new psychiatrist and who eventually figured out my life-saving meds. I started taking the right combo. at last! (that’s lithium, an MAOI called Parnate, and 25mg of Seroquel) Yep, I’m a walking pharmacy, but it’s worth it.

    So next year I think (whether or not the WEGO thing happens) I’m going to try once again to offer a free support group for women in my area. I will make it simple. There’s nothing like that up here where I live in the mountains, and there’s a need – I know there are other moms with mood disorders who are “closeted”. I wish you lived here as I’d recruit you to come to at least one meeting to give me moral support! 😉 And to be a role model to others!!!

    Sorry to go off there….now you know a little more about your California friend. If you ever travel again, you MUST come here! It’s gorgeous!!!! Like you! 😉

    thanks again, mcK!

    • mckarlie says:

      Oh its a bit of a running joke in our house, when mummy’s book sells we are going to live in california for a few years lol i have my reasons and there are a few but wouldnt it be lovely to visit! Ive only ever been to the east coast to virginia.

      If at first you dont succeed, try try again! The nature of our illness doesnt make this kind of endeavour easy by any stretch but if you just keep at it you will induce the change you seek. One person can do so so much xo

      • dyane says:

        You are right on the money, honey! Look how short I can actually make my comments, ha ha! No, it’s because it’s 6:00 bloody 40 in the morning, raining cats & dogs & I have to get the girls ready for school….yucky! sending you heaps of hugs, DyDy

      • mckarlie says:

        Oh hunny yuk! What part of the state do you live in? I have a good friend in the bay area. It’s beautiful and sunny here, in fact it’s darn right hot! Been getting the last bits and bobs ready for christmas hehe 🙂

      • dyane says:

        I live 90 minutes from San Francisco! 🙂 So not that far from your friend. How funny – it’s hot over there – rainy and cold here! :0 sending you hugs!!! bet that special tree is lookin’ good!

      • mckarlie says:

        Oh nice! I have a funny feeling that you and I were meant to be friends and we probably will meet some day! We are both passionate about mental health and being there for our fellow sufferers and it’s really nice having your thoughts and support on side. I’m sending some sunshine your way sweetie xo

      • dyane says:

        I hope with all my heart we meet too & I have a feeling that will happen, woo hoo! – come do a book reading in the Bay Area when the time comes, my friend!!!!!! While I’m thinking of it, I’ll be out of town from this Sat. all the way to Jan. 3 with no internet access at the Tahoe cabin. :((((I’ll get to the occasional coffee shop to check email, but I”m gonna hate it –since I will barely be online I didn’t want you to think I disappeared!!! :0 I’ll definitely catch up with your rockin’ blog posts when we get back. In the meantime, sending you big hugs! XOXOXOXOOXO DyDy

      • mckarlie says:

        Haha it’s a done deal hun! We will tear it up in San Francisco! lol

        Aww I’ve heard Tahoe is beautiful, at least if you have to deal with the crappy weather you can have a nice view to do it. I hope you have a wonderful time, if you want to drop me an email while you’re gone it’s I hope you have the most wonderful time xo

      • dyane says:

        Thanks for your email!! I’m at – I’m glad you thought of that!!! Are you on Freakbook?

      • mckarlie says:

        I’ve been off for a year but I’m just about to sign up for a new facebook account! Are you registered with that email address?

      • dyane says:

        Yeah, I am!!! :))))

      • mckarlie says:

        Awesome, I will add you once I’ve signed up! I’m a bit more private on FB but you’ll see lol glad we’ll keep in touch hun yay *hugs*

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