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Holy child abuse

on October 8, 2014

So another “celebrity” has been found out as a child abuser. Recently there has been Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville, a couple of actors off Coronation Street, the Dad from Hey Dad, and now the Pastor Dad Stephen Collins from 7th Heaven. Yes it’s a crap show, none of the aforementioned men have the most incredible body of work, but for some reason this last one has pissed me off. Yes, it’s because I was abused as a child, and because I have children no doubt.

It’s been somewhat of a joke for a long time now that there are high instances of child abuse amongst Priests but can we now add actors and entertainers to that list? Why is there an apparent flourishing of sex offenders emerging from the entertainment sector?

I watched Hey Dad and 7th Heaven when I was younger and felt some affection for these men. I grew up without a Dad and the men that stepped into the Fatherly role in my life were not good experiences, so i would watch these shows and see these “Dads” and I would feel genuine affection for these fictional characters that were these great loving Fathers.

So sure, these men have an illness right? And we have to be understanding of other people’s mental illness’ but when a person’s mental illness causes them to act out in a way that destroys the lives of children, is understanding really what we have to be? Yes, my mental illness causes me distress, it has caused distress to those closest to me, but when i have a bipolar spending spree or whatever else i may do because i’m bipolar, it doesn’t destroy another person’s life. I suppose at the end of the day i do have sympathy for anyone out there who has urges towards children and is fighting them, but for anyone who has actually acted upon said urges, cannon fodder as far as i’m concerned.

Yep, cannon fodder. I know i should have respect for all life but i don’t. If you choose to abuse a child you lose your rights as far as i’m concerned, and the fact that i feel so coldly towards these people does make me question my morality somewhat, but it is what it is. I have so much love and respect for humanity, and i also fear for it at times, but i just can’t feel bad for anyone who acts upon these urges, it just does SO much damage to the victims.

Peace xo

14 responses to “Holy child abuse

  1. I have to agree with you. I think that not only should a child be taken away from an abuser, but the abuser should spend some time in jail. More often then not I have heard that an abused child has been sent back to the abused home only to find out that the child was soon murdered by the parent. The system sucks and they put a lot of kids in harms way. People that abuse children are scum and have no place in our society. Because if they abuse kids, they also abuse animals and other people.

    • mckarlie says:

      Oh goodness I wont get started on child protective services but suffice to say that a lot of children are let down by the system. And a lot of kids do get returned to harm and end up murdered, or end up having to live with the abuse for the rest of their lives. The damage that sexual abuse does in one’s formative years is just incredible, it’s toxicity leaks into every facet of a person’s being and you have to uproot and fight so much crap to try and release yourself from the trauma it causes. Yuk.

      • I understand the sexual abuse, I was sexually molested on 2 different occasions that I can remember as a kid. Both by two different people and both friends of the family. A memory that not only haunts me to this day but has at times made me question my own sexuality. Maybe that’s one if the reasons I’ve gone through so many relationships.

      • mckarlie says:

        It’s just the most damaging thing isn’t it, when it happens in our formative years it bleeds into so many other facets of our lives and causes so much drama. I too have had a sketchy record with relationships, I have raging Daddy issues to be fair. Here’s to healing the scars of abuse

  2. I am normally not the least bit triggered by these stories but the 7th Heaven guy really upset me yesterday. IDK why but it’s just wrong. And the talk about him being in therapy with his wife, him admitting he had a young girl touch him…ughhh, really Stephen!!!! And I don’t think he can be prosecuted but maybe I’m wrong about that?

    • mckarlie says:

      Yeah I’ve been wondering about the legality of a tape that his ex wife made during therapy, but either way his life as he knows it is over. I hope he can make his apologies and that they are sincere and then he should probably just disappear to florida or something eh. He was one of the few people from 7th heaven that was still working! Stupid man.

  3. Well, I have noticed a great disparity in the way a woman is prosecuted and the amount of news it provokes on the rare occasions she is found guilty of the same crime. The punishment and the societal shock seems much greater. And having an illness, even if that were true, or if I believed it, doesn’t mean it’s ok to make horrendous choices, illegal choices, immoral choices, to molest a child, which can impact a victim life-long.
    I also don’t get too caught up in the politics or unfairness of it. Women still work for equality. There’s a lot of unfairness in the world. And I have enough trouble keeping my own little world in order. But your compassion for children matches mine and I’m grateful you posted because it gave me a chance to put my thoughts into words.

    • mckarlie says:

      I’m horrified when I hear of a woman abusing a child but when it comes to sexual abuse yes, it doesn’t get reported as much because it’s not as sensationalistic, plus there are more male perpetrators of sexual abuse. I think it’s safe to say whether you’re man woman black white or other, it’s never ok to take your fantasies to the next step and commit a physical act of “love” on a child. Never ever ok.

  4. secretangel says:

    So sad!! But I pray that people realize that you can’t trust just anyone with your children. Molesters do not wear signs announcing what they will do.

    • mckarlie says:

      Yeah at the end of the day it can happen even with a trusted friend or relative, predators often hide in plain sight. At least these particular men wont be able to damage any more children for now. So sad.

  5. Agree. Drop the bastards in oubliettes and leave them to rot. x

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