I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

(Half way) Moved

on July 10, 2014

So the last couple of weeks have been spent on moving house, OH MY. It had been ages since we had last moved, five or six years, which for me is AAAAAGES to stay in the same place, I’m somewhat of a nomad. It’s been crazy, we just had so so so much crap, so it’s been sorting and storing and moving, the new place has stairs which sucks a nut but it’s growing on me. I was kind of bummed when we moved in a week ago, i guess i’m reluctant in the face of change but now I’m really liking where we are, it’s so incredibly close to everything I don’t really need my car anymore.

So I’m neck deep in change and panicking a little but things are going ok, I’m still writing and polishing my book, still cleaning and packing away, that’s pretty much my whole existence at the moment. We decided to move during school holidays so my girlies have been with me the whole time, I’ve been very impressed with my youngest, she has been an absolute machine during move time, my eldest has been ok but not greatly motivated but my youngest has really impressed me. she just keeps on going! wee energizer bunny of a person, i love it. I usually admire in others the qualities i feel i lack and motivation is a big one.

I hope everyone has been well and happy, if not then tell me why not and we can have a big whine about it, ha


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