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25 songs in 25 days

on May 8, 2014


A song from my childhood – this one is difficult to pinpoint one song that reminds me of my childhood. I grew up part time with my mum and part time with my grandparents. I would spend many hours sitting in front of the record player changing vinyl albums, with my grandparents the albums were mostly classical and from musicals, les mis, phantom of the opera, mozart. With my Mum and Stepdad it was CCR and Pink Floyd and Van Halen. So, I’ve chosen a song that I remember listening to a bazillion times over and over, dancing with my ‘my child’ doll and wishing she would become a human baby, ha.

23 responses to “25 songs in 25 days

  1. You are an awesome person. Van Halen – o yea! 🙂

  2. Mountain Man says:

    Hmmmm. I guess it didn’t embed. I wonder why not. But…..beach boys huh?? Good choice! Those were the good ol’ days.

    • mckarlie says:

      oh goodness, embed it by doing what, just posting that link instead? i need to get my wordpress savvy friend to show me how to do this, i really am challenged by such things :p

      • Mountain Man says:

        Copy that link I have you and paste it directly into the body of your post. Then publish it. You don’t have to put a hyperlink or anything else, just the plain text.

      • mckarlie says:

        That came up as text too but i used the ‘add media’ thingie and voila! we have video

      • Mountain Man says:

        Interesting??!! See you didn’t even need to get to day two!

      • mckarlie says:

        I know, I’m practically a pioneer. I’m jealous you’re on day 7, I have a great ex song and a really good one that’s been stuck in my head. I have such a lady boner for music, haha.

      • Mountain Man says:

        Haha. Lady boner?! That’s friggen awesome. Well, let’s go catch up already! I wanna hear this great ex song. This whole waiting till the next day thing is gonna be tough. Especially if you keep talking up the posts like that.

      • mckarlie says:

        Oh my, I don’t mean to talk anything up, in fact i like people to expect very little from me and then be pleasantly surprised if i deliver more lol

        oh you’ll know my ex song! it’s by aul damo rice of course, kudos for rootless tree btw, haha, i’ve had quite the bitter rock out to that one.

      • Mountain Man says:

        Haha. Well I’m expecting very little from you then!! But not really.

        Volcano?? Another great song. My favorite album is the live at fingerprints. Such a great album.

      • mckarlie says:

        Ah the pressure :p

        Volcano is a brilliant song but no, my ex song is IMO the most gut wrenching of his love songs. It wouldn’t be any fun for me to just tell you haha

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