I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

My pretend love affair

on July 7, 2013

You smile as you pass by me in the hall

My stomach clenches then it falls

The smell of you left on the breeze

I feel myself falling with the greatest of ease

But I must keep it quiet, my secret to keep

I wish that I could kiss those lips and watch you while you sleep

I wish that I could run my hands, all over that skin

I wish that you would want me too so all of this could begin

But I will keep my mouth shut, and simply smile at you

For if I told you how I felt I’d not know what to do

If you didn’t feel the same way, if you shot me down

I’ll keep us just in my mind, running circles round and round

I dream that you stare me down and swiftly pull me tight

You whisper in my ear that the time is finally right

You feather kisses down my neck and onto my plump breast

You lay your face on my chest and make my nape your nest

We undress with anticipation and burgeoning fire and lust

We stare at each others naked bodies, aching with our lust

And then we’re in the throws of passion bodies stark and bare

And you know where and what to do, oh yes you thrill me everywhere

I imagine the climax of you and I, the look in your beautiful eyes

As you writhe and push and pull, do your work between my thighs

It’s amazing what things we do, safely in my head

If only I had the courage, to get you in my bed


8 responses to “My pretend love affair

  1. Chagall says:

    I say go for it! – aware of course that it sometimes is not as good as you’d imagine 🙂 —–Chagall

    • mckarlie says:

      Oh my, it’s almost never as good as you imagine lol but this is based on a long gone situation, I’m practically an old married lady now 🙂

  2. thommya says:

    Intriguing – how often do these ideas spill through our heads, yet that’s where they remain – clever and fun read. 🙂

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