I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

People can be so disappointing

on July 3, 2013

I’m bipolar, so perhaps I feel things more than the ‘usual’ person would, but I tell you, i’m reeling.

I woke this morning to find a couple of text messages from my husband on my phone, when he left for work this morning he found that the guinea pig cage had been opened by someone (it’s a stiff lock and opens upwards, so was definitely done on purpose) and one of our guinea pigs were missing. My daughters each have a guinea pig, patrick swayze and chewbacca, and it’s chewbacca that’s gone.

Now, this may seem like such a trivial thing, so what, right? Well, my 9 year old is absolutely devastated. She can’t understand why a person would come into our property overnight and do such a thing, we have swings in our front yard so it was obviously a child’s pet, and it got me feeling really despondent about people in general.

Not to ring my own bell, but i genuinely try to put as much kindness out into the world as i can, and for someone to go out of their way to mess with my child makes my heart ache. Some people are just cruel, but why take it out on a kid? Mess with my car if you want, slash my tires if it makes you feel better about yourself, i can get new tires, i’d be annoyed but i’d get over it, but now she’s literally stuck to my side and between frowning and sobbing, she’s just not right.

If you know someone with a cruel streak, let’s try to start working on them. Let’s kill them with kindness, and try to bring everyone into the fold. lets not just call someone an asshole and move on, let’s find out why they’re an asshole, and if there’s any way we can help them be less of one. I’m tired of us vs them mentality, it’s not good vs evil, we all have good and bad in us, but if we as the whole of humanity start caring more for each other, maybe shitty things like this will happen less.

It’s school holidays, so it’s possible it was a wayward group of teens being idiotic with bravado, but fact is my man wasn’t asleep til about one and the cage is right next to our bedroom window so we most likely would have heard a group.

It has me a bit depressed about trying, about putting positivity out there and getting negativity back, but i’m indignant, i’m going to try EVEN HARDER to be kind and put it out there, cause the other option is getting bitter and putting more negativity out into the world and there’s already way too much.

23 responses to “People can be so disappointing

  1. dreamsfail says:

    You are a good one for putting positivity in the world. As you know, I’ve given up on that. People are just assholes like you said and honestly, for many people, to take the time to figure out WHY they’re assholes just takes too long and everyone is so self involved no one really cares. People have cut me off in my car so many times and I’ve given them the finger and moved on. It’s sad that we as a human race in general picks on children and adults…the level of mean streaks people have has gone up with no end in sight. I think it takes a LOT of patience and love for you to put the kindness out there. I admire that. Rock on:-) The world wouldn’t be so harsh if everyone took time out to just be kind. It would mean a lot to many. Selfishness, self centeredness, evil, and envy even really and truly seem to be winning. I wish they wouldn’t. I wish more people thought like you and exercised the positivity and goodness. Imagine how different the world would be.

    • mckarlie says:

      If we all try just a little harder, it will make a difference. Seeing humanity as shit and beyond repair is just taking the easy way out, it’s easier to hate than it is to love, it’s easier to get angry than to extend a hand. One by one we CAN make a difference, we just have to care about looking after each other 🙂

      • dreamsfail says:

        Yeah.. if only more people could do it though..

      • mckarlie says:

        Have you noticed how fear and hatred spread? Well to a lesser degree, so does kindness. If as many people as possible start making a change then it will affect a certain number of people who will then affect a bigger number of people and so on. It’s definitely the harder path but it’s so worth it. I want my kids to live in a world where there is true kindness and support and love between people, there will always be hate and anger but even one person can affect change, believe in yourself and start spreading the kindness 🙂

      • dreamsfail says:

        All you have to do is believe.

      • mckarlie says:

        Believe and work your ass off lol

      • dreamsfail says:

        yeah… sighs…

  2. crissybwell says:

    I am so sorry to read this and hear about what happened. Sadly to say, I am not surprised someone would do that, people are sometimes just mean, but it would be nice to have people not just write them off as such and attempt to understand. I write in similar tones than this, at times, I think that the world doesn’t have enough love in it and if we send out what love we can or what we can offer then that is better than just sending out the same mess. I am truly sorry for your daughter and what she is going through. I remember how upset I was when I was younger and someone came by our house and stole my kitty, I was devastated. It is hard to understand and deal with loss at any age but especially being a child it’s very hard. *hugs for you and your baby* Keep up that positive attitude and hopeful outlook, maybe it will catch on 🙂 That is what I am hoping. Hugs again friend!!

    • mckarlie says:

      Thank you dear friend, it looks as though he’s gone but the promise of a new pet is keeping her spirits up. I just so wanted to hate the world cause its easier, but wanted to put some positivity out there instead. You’re comments are so welcome, you’re a little bit of sunshine in my day *hugs*

      • crissybwell says:

        Aww well I’m glad her spirits are still up. It’s always hard. The world is kinda crappy sometimes but it’s always good to try and put positive out there too. Aww you are so sweet. I’m humbled you should say such things about me. *hugs friend*

      • mckarlie says:

        My hubby was slightly reluctant about getting a kitten but this morning from work he started sending me links to rescue shelters in our area, how adorable is that! Haha, he decided I could use the company and ultimately, the women of the house would win anyway lol so thankfully her spirits are well up now, we just have to cross our fingers that the guinea pig left with us (patrick swayze) gets along with my sister’s rabbit tomorrow and can make it his new home.

      • crissybwell says:

        I am glad that he seems to have softened on the idea and you are so right! 😉 I am glad to hear that it is getting better for her. I am hoping that it goes well today with the rabbit. Best of luck and let me know 🙂

      • mckarlie says:

        The guinea and the rabbit made friends!! All is good, we will be checking out a rescue shelter this weekend 🙂

      • crissybwell says:

        I am glad to hear that they did, that is very exciting 🙂 I hope that this weekend goes well at the shelter. I got my doggie from a shelter, they make great pets. 🙂 Good luck.

      • mckarlie says:

        We got lucky and got a kitten from the shelter, he’s very sweet and docile but still getting used to all the new surrounds. Very happy kids now 🙂

      • crissybwell says:

        Aww I’m so happy for y’all. Congrats. 🙂

  3. windierae says:

    I definitely think people are capable of good….i like your proactive approach….i believe in karma…you get back what you put out. Those kinda people just need to break the cycle and do some good….neways…that’s my 2 cents

    • mckarlie says:

      Thanks you!!! Your 2 cents are always welcome here. I hope that karma works because its how I’m living this life, or trying my best to lol fingers crossed. We can all make little changes that will roll on 🙂

  4. Sociopaths can’t be cured, unfortunately. Those devoid of conscience are the ones who bring us all down.

    • mckarlie says:

      Sociopaths don’t account for a large percentage of the population, maybe around 10% so really the majority of people just need to be killed with kindness IMO. But you’re right there’s no point wasting your energy of someone truly devoid of all heart and warmth, there’s just nothing there to get through to sometimes.

  5. RubyTuesday says:

    It’s lovely you got a kitten and your children are happy – such a crappy thing for someone to come in a do but as echoed above, well done on being positive about it.

    • mckarlie says:

      Yeah someone even wrote on one of the flyers we put up for the lost guinea “yeah I sold it online” – what a tool lol it’s probably just teenagers trying to look tough in front of their friends, no point letting it get to me it just pissed me off as I had a crying little girl on my hands. Thank goodness for max the kitty 🙂

      • RubyTuesday says:

        Wow, people can be so awful! Thankfully there are plenty of lovely people around too. Yay for Max!

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