I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Open eyes and open mind

on June 30, 2013

Just because something’s different doesn’t mean that it is wrong

Just because a piece doesn’t fit your puzzle doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong

We all have different hearts different souls and different minds

If you stop to care and question many answers may you find

Tall or short big or small white or black or other

We could be so happy if we just accepted one another

Our differences aren’t things of which one should be ashamed

Your opinion isn’t something for which you should ever be blamed

For what makes us different is what make life interesting and true

So I challenge those who think that way, watch the actions that you choose

And the words you speak to those you deem inappropriate

For if we were all the same the world would be grey and disproportionate

If you approach this world with an open heart and with an open mind

There’s literally untold treasures that you will be able to find

Beauty lies in different forms and it’s truly all around

But only when ones eyes are open can such beauty be found

6 responses to “Open eyes and open mind

  1. kevindeisher says:

    I love your poetry and your spirit. I’m so glad I found your blog and that we have become friends. I value your friendship and insights a lot.

  2. “Just because a piece doesn’t fit your puzzle doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong.” I couldn’t have said it better! I appreciate your way with words.

  3. Bourbon says:

    Wow. Your poetry is amazing!

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