I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Somebody cares

on June 28, 2013

I’m getting an understanding of honesty and the peace it brings

I’ve finally knocked down my walls and opened up, my heart it sings

I spent years and years internally confined

Trying to convince myself that everything was fine

All that time chewed up inside and hiding all my pain

Holding my secrets like treasured kept me all wrapped up in chains

But finally, somehow, I dug deep down within

And found the strength to tell my tales, this battle I will win

Now I try to offer an ear to those

Who seemed stuck in their own true woes

I see others still wrapped up all tight

I want to help them with their fight

Happiness doesn’t just appear, it’s something we need to earn

I had just accepted depression but for joy I always yearned

If we all try just a little, to help with others pain

Then we’ll all be one step closer to being healthy calm and sane

Feeling alone is the catalyst to so much isolation and despair

So if you see someone hurting, try telling them that you’re there

Sometimes all we need… to know somebody cares

5 responses to “Somebody cares

  1. crissybwell says:

    True words have never been spoken! This is beautiful and uplifting. I often find that I am still kind of held tight, but I find that being able to support and care about others is what makes me feel at my best. 🙂 Beautiful work.

    • mckarlie says:

      Thank you so much, I get genuine joy by being a help to others, even in the smallest ways. Thanks for the encouragement it’s so lovely 🙂

      • crissybwell says:

        🙂 You are welcome and I am very much the same way. You are welcome, just sharing what was in my heart after reading your words.

  2. elephant4321 says:

    That’s so true what you write – sometimes all people need is to know someone cares, not to be told that they’re ‘too busy’ or to ‘Go see a shrink’

    • mckarlie says:

      Thanks a lot

      I’m so thankful to have someone who knows when I’m down, just to give me space but be there if I need them. It makes such a huge difference, give me a light at the end of what seems like an endless tunnel 🙂

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