I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Locked up

on June 26, 2013

Green is meant to be calming, so they paint the walls in green

But when you can hear the screams and cries it’s anything but serene

I can’t quite remember how my mind got so out of hand

But somehow now I’m locked away, this really wasn’t the plan

How is one meant to get well with the wailing all the time?

Surrounded by crazed misery, this place is not that of mine

I’m sick of people feeling sorry, so sorry for themselves

We’ve all had a shitty time of it, we’ve all been left upon the shelf

We all get down and feel worthless but between you and me

I think that staying in this place will conclude my sanity

At night the shrieks and screams, they chill me to the bone

The door is locked I have no phone I’ve never been so all alone

So only come here if you feel you truly may well die

If you only feeling down and blue, choose light, ’cause it’s not lie

The alternative is beyond what most would care to believe

Since the moment I arrived in this hell I’ve been desperate to leave

6 responses to “Locked up

  1. ztepf says:

    This. Yes. This is what it’s like to be locked up. I’m so sorry you also know first-hand.

  2. kaity12mae says:

    You should read Micheal by me please.

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