I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Angry fists and broken plates

on June 24, 2013

She lovingly prepares his dinner and sits at the table to wait

She watches the minutes tick away, viewing her reflection in a plate

She is looking good, she is looking just right

She’s done everything she could possibly do to avoid another fight

The minutes turn to hours as they quietly slip away

She has waited and prepared and tried her best all day

She’s tired now so she moves, from the table to the couch

Her eyelids are getting heavy, she feels herself begin to slouch

Then suddenly she’s woken, by a great almighty slam

It’s the front door and he’s home, here comes her man

She goes to fetch dinner from the oven, quickly in her pace

He slumps a little then calls her a bitch and slaps her across the face

She feels the sting upon her cheek and says “what have I done?”

He says “I saw you at the shops today, I’m not the only one”

“What on earth are you talking about?” Her mascara begins to run

“I saw you talking to that man, I’ve only just begun”

“That was just the new neighbour” she cowers as she cries

He insists he doesn’t believe her, he can see through her lies

He throws her around the room, to show her who’s in the lead

She’s now bleeding several places, and on her knees she pleads

He tells her that she’s worthless, just another dirty whore

She now just takes his words and fists, treats it as a daily chore

For all the trying she may do, preparing for him to come home

There’s nothing in this world to make his rage dissipate undone

So for the night she takes her knocks, watching as the clock lags

The next morning when he leaves for work she quietly packs a bag

She finally realized it doesn’t matter what she does or says

He will always find an excuse he has so many ways

She leaves a note simply saying “goodbye”

She smiles as she closes the door behind her and let’s out a deepened sigh

3 responses to “Angry fists and broken plates

  1. very well articulated !!! so sad that its the story of sooo many women – and sorry too that it was your experience – good on you for finding the courage to leave. I know from my own experience that its not easy to do – we get so conditioned and co-dependent. it took me 10 years to leave – Please check out my blog – ive just begun to write about my experiences and the recovery process and would appreciate your feed back – – thanks a lot. I look forward to reading more of your posts

    • mckarlie says:

      thank you, it’s amazing what some women put up with before the final ‘snap’ happens. good on you for finally breaking free, i will indeed have a look through your blog, and if you need an ear or any support, i’m usually around. wordpress is a great place for people with similar mental health issues or similar trauma to come together 🙂

    • mckarlie says:

      I couldn’t find anywhere to comment on what you’ve written but it’s heartbreaking. You have a way with words. For a better understanding of me, try reading “monster in my bed” it will be listed to the right of my blog page

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