I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Misunderstood hand extended

on June 23, 2013

I listen to the rain as it patters on the roof

I watch the droplets falling as I feel cold and aloof

There is a chill in the air and I can see my own breath

I contemplate the big things like God, life and death

I wonder how many people, there are just like me

Treading the line so dubiously between sane and insanity

My skin reacts to the temperature with bumps and hairs on end

I wonder if the broken mind is something one can mend

I notice my breathing changes as I worry for what’s to come

I seem to be getting anxious that all my work will be undone

I spent so many years fighting memories of past

And found and unknown freedom in confronting it at last

But here I sit, cold and grim and stuck in my own mind

I refocus on the rain but again my troubles I find

They silently creep back in, the back door to my brain

And again it leaves me wondering, how far am I from sane?

One thing I have in common, with others just like me

Is that we feel detached from things, we are all lonely

I try to reach out and lend and ear, sometimes the gesture is met with fear

Or simply misunderstood intentions, I don’t do things by normal conventions

If I see another in pain, I reach out a hand to heal

But some seem to want to keep it in, just feel the way they feel

What can I do to change myself and help others around?

I know there has to be a way, a solution to be found

2 responses to “Misunderstood hand extended

  1. kevindeisher says:

    You and your friendship are a big help to me. Thanks for your generosity.

    • mckarlie says:

      Aww Kevin it’s my pleasure! I just want to hug the world lol I just get frustrated when I see people going through the same things, so lonely, and not willing to reach out or accept someone reaching out, no point in everyone being lonely in the same ‘room’ (wordpress) 🙂

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