I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Come my friend

on June 22, 2013

Hello my friend come sit by me

And tell me of your story

I want to know all about it

So go on, let it out

We all seem to move in silence

Troubled by past pain and violence

The things that happen when we’re small

Follow us till we’ve grown big and tall

The seeds were planted long ago

Years later does the damage show


So come my friend, sit by me

I truly want to know your story

Horrors bury themselves so deep

That slowly out they tend to creep

We think that we are crazier than most

Haunted by past events like a ghost

But if we share with one another

We can share the same arbor

You don’t have to be alone in pain

More than you realize, we are the same


So come my friend, I really care

Come sit by me and really share

Maybe we can find some peace

Maybe the loneliness will finally cease

8 responses to “Come my friend

  1. kevindeisher says:

    That is beautiful and touching.

  2. windierae says:

    So true, sometimes we don’t fully heal until we get it out.

    • mckarlie says:

      And people with depression/bipolar, we have insight so we should be there for each other, sometimes we feel so alone and really, there’s loads of people going through the same thing we just get too shy to share it cause we think we’ll be seen as ‘too crazy’ 🙂

      • windierae says:

        I’ve gotten to a point that I just speak my crazy mind…. those “sane” people are a lot of times crazier than me.

      • mckarlie says:

        Haha good on you for having the strength! So many people don’t. And yeah, a lot of the time the people that appear to have it all together are the ones most broken, I’m not one for hiding what’s going on underneath 🙂

      • windierae says:

        Me neither…my twisted sister and I find humor in ourselves and it helps.

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