I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

The Myth of Movie Love

on June 21, 2013

The kind of affection you seek, the kind of love you’re chasing

Is that of fairy tales, it will have yourself debasing

The value of your own ideas and notions of true love

Are things you’ve based on movies, no man will ever be enough

I’ll tell you a little secret, best kept between you and I

Movies are made to make money, a business, I tell you no lies

They cater to a fantasy and create an impossible standard

Of this perfect man who loves you, wholly with deep abandon

They tell you to take a man, and fix him to your will

I find the whole idea absurd and quite the bitter pill

Each of us is imperfect, and grand in our design

But they tell you without a man you’ll be anything but fine

Be happy with yourself, find the peace that you may lack

And once you have that sorted out, find someone to have your back

Don’t hold your breath for Romeo or some hero to swoop you up

Once you find a man who’s kind you’ll realize that’s enough

If you expect a life of flowers, hearts and moons

If you expect every moment, your man to make you swoon

You’ll only be met with disappointment, empty you will be

A soul mate is just that, a friend for eternity

Someone who you count on, to pick you up when you are down

Someone who is caring and will prove he’ll stick around

These things are more romantic, than any movie gesture

Analyze your priorities or alone you may well fester

Love isn’t easy and it takes work but it’s worth it in the end

It takes two people willing to try and work and who will bend

7 responses to “The Myth of Movie Love

  1. kevindeisher says:

    That is fantastic Karlie. Wisdom that I can still use after 27 years of marriage.

  2. princess marks a lot says:

    mckarlie – I want to share something with you. will you kindly consider sending me an email?

  3. shoe1000 says:

    Hello McKarlie,
    I have been moved by your willingness to bear witness. I want to honor you.
    Please see the latest post
    No thanks needed. I got it by doing this. I pray for our Inner Peace

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