I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Not just a clown

on June 21, 2013

Your expectations of me, leave much to be desired

But the objective observer would note, at very least I tried

You treat me like I’m stupid and too dumb to notice this

You think you’re high above me but I find that you’re remiss

Just because I smile and laugh and choose to bathe in light

Doesn’t mean that I’m an idiot, doesn’t mean that I’m not bright

I simply find it fun to be free

Full of life and frivolity

I do not speak of literature and prose

Turn my nose up and bleed morose

I do not ignore those who disagree

I do not rob others opinions passively

I may seem like a goof, a clown

But I’d rather be happy fooling around

Than a miserable grumpy human disgrace

If you’re not going to use it then free up the space

You judge me for I posses joy

I’m not restrained and certainly not coy

I’m not composed and pompous

Sometimes I’m rather raucous

But can’t you see, you’re just different to me?

Neither is right or wrong, both of us still belong

It takes all different kind of folk

To enjoy one’s life and go for broke

I laugh and cry and feel it all

So don’t try so hard to make me feel small

I may not fit your perfect mould

But at least I’ll have lived before I am old

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