I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

My North Star

on June 19, 2013

When you were little, I wrapped you in my arms

Promised to love you and keep you safe from harm

Safety is not something, I knew when I was small

I thought that being abused was how it went for all

The things that happened to me, still didn’t seem quite right

But I didn’t have a choice in it, I had no place to fight

And the things that happened to me, the touching and the harm

Were by the most trusted of all, by my Father’s arm

Two different Father’s two different threats

One like to touch and one liked to hit

I can’t comprehend how a Mother, could stand idly by

And let her child be used this way, her lack of interest high

But I have made my promise, of how not to behave

Just ’cause these things happened to me does not make me a slave

I treat my Mother’s actions, as a guide: what not to do

Because you are my babies, I prioritize all else below you

You give me strength and keep me whole, your little hearts my life

Peace reigns over this home now, no violence here be rife

For my love makes me protective, as a Mother always should be

Protect the life you created, it just makes sense to me

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