I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Under thumb

on June 18, 2013

You are the cut on my lip I keep tonguing

You are the shadow from which I keep running

You are the bright that blinded my eyes

You are the paradox I had to deny

You reached down deep inside me, made your home beside me

You ran and then came back, but by then my heart was black

You pushed and pulled and tangled me

Your love was drenched with insanity

You played your game of hide and seek

You broke my spine you left me weak

In your dark I found my light

Rubbed my eyes and restored my sight

I found the strength to break away

But you still found a way to always stay

Just within my line of view to remind me how I wanted you

Every time that I moved on

You pushed back with your familiar song

Now it’s been years I cannot fight

You stole my darkness, stole my light

One day you’ll call and I wont be there

Until that day, please don’t you dare

Don’t pull me back into your game

I may still care but I’m not the same

4 responses to “Under thumb

  1. Muhabit says:

    nobody is the same 🙂

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