I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Her crippled heart

on June 13, 2013

She prepares her tools, her nerves are shot

The drug will shortly hit the spot

She feels the sting and hits the vein

Seconds later, she feels no pain

Hey eyelids heavy, breathing shallow

She’s heavenly, but also mellow

Finally she’s at peace, up above the clouds

Even high above it all she knows she’ll soon be down

But for now she’s cheated pain

Happiness is here again

See the curse to not earning your joy

Is that the drug’s just a brief decoy

And once it’s sweet release passes

You’re much lower than when you started

A catalogue of pills she’ll use

Her child’s ADD meds she’ll abuse

Anything to make her feel

Something other than what is real

Inside she is empty, life left her so low

And healing’s a place she dare not go

So on and on she’ll try

To score her next great high

Days run into months, she can’t tell them apart

I wish she could see a need, to mend that crippled heart

3 responses to “Her crippled heart

  1. saniteeghost says:

    wow, amazingly intimate… my prayers are with you for a calm mind, a healed heart, and a genuine smile. i know how it feels:(

    • mckarlie says:

      thanks, this one isn’t actually about me but i have grappled with drugs in my past. all part of being bipolar i’ve learnt. i appreciate your kind sentiments 🙂

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