I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Pinned down

on June 11, 2013

You bend and break to mold my will

You keep me paused you hold me still

You pin my wings and hold me down

A twisted means to keep me bound

Caught by what I thought was care

But love’s not present anywhere

You set your trap and in I fell

Your poker face was held so well

And now I’m stuck here on the floor

I don’t want you anymore

But as I turn you twist the knife

Surely you see this isn’t right

Set me free and leave me be

You can’t have me for eternity

A wicked game you chose to play

You set me free, then make me stay

You let me move, then pin me down

And so we dance, round and round

This isn’t love, this isn’t true

How can you want me tied to you?

I break away, make my escape

You try again to keep me in place

But this time I’m stronger, I am free

I’ll never let you back to see

That even though I broke apart

You still have a small piece of my shattered heart

2 responses to “Pinned down

  1. limseemin says:

    WOW!! Love this!

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