I have happiness in my heart and a thorn in my soul

Moments in time

on June 8, 2013

From far away, ‘cross land and sea

You took great steps to be with me

In a dark room with big bright eyes

You made your way between my thighs

Wrapped around you, I came undone

There was no sleep there was no sun

We made the whole world disappear

So you and I could keep so near

We took the key and locked the door

I’d never wanted something more

Still morning came, and life beckoned

I held onto you, just one more second

One more moment, one more hour

You stole my heart and with it my power

I bit your lip, you broke my will

You navigate me with determined skill

You closed your eyes, I broke away

We made plans for another day

Inside that room you changed me

Back in the world it was plain to see

You’d become my drug, and I was oh so high

A voice kept nudging me, I had to say goodbye

We tried again, dark room big bright eyes

But this time we could not disguise

Some flames burn bright but not for long

And you and I did not belong

We were but blissful moments in time

You were never meant to be kept as mine

With hearts sullen we said goodbye

We were but a handful of moments in time

7 responses to “Moments in time

  1. you my lady have song here as well as a poem
    if you change a few words around very clever well done iam kevin

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